Remote Gambling Association

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) was formed in August 2005 to regulate the operations of gambling games in the world's remote gambling markets, find casino sites at site. This association was formed as a merger between the Association of Remote Gambling Operators (ARGO) and the interactive Gaming Gambling and Betting Association (Igbo) which means that with both their strengths merged together they can effectively monitor gambling operations. The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is a trade association based in London and Brussels and is composed of members that are licensed to operate and have complied with all the rules and regulations that have been set with online blackjack games.

This new body has its own codes that are meant to promote a regulated and non-discriminatory environment for its licensed members to responsibly carry out gambling practices in the gambling markets fro craps online games. They have a wide range of measures to deal with any problems that may arise and undermine the gambling operations. RGA takes its social responsibility duty seriously and has incorporated rules and regulations in its code of practice to protect its customers from any problems that may arise. For instance, parents can now breathe easy knowing that there is little chance of their underage children gambling or having access to gambling services at any given time. This is because they have a strict age verification process that reduces any chances of under age children gambling or gaining access to any gambling service.

Gamblers are assured that they are safe and secure when playing gambling games as RGA has a code of practices that have specially designed to protect both the players and the licensed operators in the world's remote gambling markets and gamble at Jackpot City casino. This is because every member of RGA has to strictly comply with the rules which are also a condition of membership that has been in existence since January 2006.